Ayahuasca – Price in Bulk


• SCIENTIFIC NAME: Banisteriopsis caapi
• ORIGIN: Peru
• PROPERTIES: Basic ingredient for the preparation of the brew called ayahuasca
• COLORS: White – Red – Yellow – Black – Rainbow (4 color mix)
• PRESENTATION: Ayahuasca vine: chopped or powder.


PRESENTATION: Preparation prepared by a Shaman, using all the required ingredients, using all the techniques and knowledge acquired over generations, achieving a highly concentrated preparation with a consistency similar to molasses.

Ayahuasca White Shredded Powder
Ayahuasca Black Shredded Powder
Ayahuasca Red Shredded Powder
Ayahuasca Yellow Shredded Powder
Ayahuasca Mix 4 colors mix powder/shredded

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