Bulk infusions versus infusions and tea bags

Before starting to investigate medicinal plants and studying phytotherapy, I used to take ready-made tea bags. On the market there are many brands and mixtures for all tastes and needs and they are perhaps the most comfortable way to prepare an infusion.

Over time I have switched to buying herbal blends in bulk and avoiding the use of tea bags and infusions. Because?

    In short, if you want to enjoy a good infusion calmly, infusions and loose teas are perfect. The entire preparation ritual is very pleasant and relaxing and if you dare to create your mixtures it will be even more entertaining to savor the final result in a cup.

    If you don’t want to give up a good infusion when traveling or at work, infusions and teas in bags are perfect in these situations. You just have to choose the ones that best suit your needs and tastes.

    And you, do you prefer infusions and tea in bulk or in bags? I wait for you in the comments!

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