(SS01 x Peruvianus) x Juul’s Giant Hybrid Seeds
octubre 15, 2019
enero 26, 2020
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(Trichocereus Pachanoi x Juul’s Giant) x Peruvianus Hybrid Seeds



These seeds are the offspring containing genetics of the two most popular trichocereus species. In this case, the mother plant is itself a hybrid. The mother plant was originally formed when a trichocereus pachanoi mother plant was pollinated with the pollen of a “Juul’s Giant”, a special variety of trichocereus pachanoi. Juul’s Giant is a highly collectible form of t. pachanoi known for monstrously thick columns and almost non-existent small spines. As you can imagine, hybrids of this already special form are even more special. The hybrid of pachanoi and the special form of pachanoi, Juul’s giant was then used as a mother plant that was pollinated with Peruvian Torch pollen to form these especially unique hybrid seeds. Intentionally hybridized cacti are highly sought-after by cactus collectors because of their rarity. Many hybrids also combine genetics of different species to form superior specimens that contain the more desirable qualities of both parents. For instance, you may get the increased growth speed of one species combined with the spine length or coloration that is characteristic of the other species. For collector’s, their fascination with hybrid cacti can be the pursuit of superior specimens, to the aesthetic mixing to simple rarity. with hybrids, you go from a set number of existing species to a seemingly endless list of possible combinations. For anyone beginning to collect hybrid cacti, this is an essential choice because it combines the two most iconic members of this wonderful genus. Although people don’t usually think of cacti for their flowers, trichocereus flowers undoubtedly rival the most impressive flowers of any other type of plant out there.

1 gram – 35.00 $

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