Trichocereus Serra Blue x (Peruvianus x Juul’s Giant) Hybrid Seeds
octubre 17, 2020
Gingko Biloba (Maidenhair Tree) Seeds
octubre 17, 2020
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Trichocereus Pachanoi var. Juul’s Giant F2 Genetics Cactus Seeds



This is a special variety because it is a cross of a Juul’s Giant mother plant pollinated by another Juul’s giant. Juul’s giant seeds are quite rare to come across. An F2 hybrid reinforces the traits of an initial cross, making them more stable over time since both parents bring those genetics to the gene pool. Juul’s Giant hybrids tend to be especially sought-after by collectors because of their harmless tiny spines and ultra thick stems, and it is likely that the resulting plants form these seeds will maintain that very characteristic thickness. Although people don’t usually think of cacti for their flowers, trichocereus flowers undoubtedly rival the most impressive flowers of any other type of plant out there. CHECK OUT OUR HUGE SELECTION OF TRICHOCEREUS AND TRICHOCEREUS HYBRID CACTI SEEDS!
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