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octubre 17, 2020
Trichocereus Serra Blue x (Peruvianus x Juul’s Giant) Hybrid Seeds
octubre 17, 2020
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Papaver Somniferum (Giganteum Poppy / The Giant) Seed



Somniferum is the variety of poppy whose seeds are most often used in culinary activities and baking. The seed oil is also used for a variety of purposes such as making paints, varnishes and salad dressings. This variety is valued because it produces a lot of seeds. With plants stretching up to four feet, the foliage is bluish green and resembles lettuce. They will usually hybridize with other poppies if precautions are not taken to prevent cross-pollination. Giganteum poppy, as the name suggests, has the largest blooms. As a result of it’s larger size, giganteum poppy is a very valuable seed producer and its pods are among the most prized for dried flower arrangements.
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