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Hylocereus Megalanthus (Yellow Dragon Fruit) Seeds



Hylocereus Megalanthus (Yellow Dragon fruit) is considerably rarer than hylocereus undatus, the red or white dragon fruit. Yellow Dragon fruit, also known as yellow pitaya, has yellow skin, but white flesh, and it is considerably sweeter than hylocereus undatus. Megalanthus’s seeds are also several times larger than those of the other two colors. The plant is self-fertile, so it does not need a partner to pollinate. Dragon fruits are actually the fruit of a cactus, which can sometimes be found growing in trees where the seeds are dropped by birds feasting on the fruits. The stems of hylocereus species are considered one of the top choices for grafting slower growing cacti. Hylocereus is a fast grower and is relatively easy to care for. They can tolerate more humidity and moisture than traditional desert cacti. The fruits are also preceded by nocturnal flowers on the plant. These plants can tolerate partial shade, but they will do best in full sun. Do not allow them to freeze in the winter.
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