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Desmodium Gyrans (Dancing Plant) Seeds



Desmodium Gyrans is easily one of the most curious plants on earth. Desmodium Gyrans is one of the few plants on earth capable of independent instant movement. It leaves are sensitive to vibrations, touch and temperature. These factors cause the plant’s leaves to move in a gyrating motion. A simple touch, change in temperature or sound will cause the plant to dance. Play the plant a song and watch for it to respond. It has become known as “Telegraph Plant” because it appears as if the leaves are relaying a message. Like mimosa pudica, this is an excellent choice for children because the plant is interactive and unique. This species also offers the added benefit of producing tiny purple blooms that will attract butterflies. It is a perfect companion plant because it fixes nitrogen into the soil. It can be grown indoors or outside. This plant is also known botanically as codariocalyx motorius.

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