Banisteriopsis Caapi “Tunkunaca Strain” (Yage) seeds (Brazil)
septiembre 17, 2019
Banisteriopsis Muricata (Red Yage / “Banisteriopsis Caapi”) seeds
septiembre 17, 2019
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Banisteriopsis Caapi + more COMBO (Sky Blue, Black, White Yellow Yage) seeds



This is a special yage seed combo pack. We offer several types of yage seed, including white yage (unknown), sky blue (banisteriopsis spp), black yage (alicia anisopetala) and yellow Tunkunaca strain yage (banisteriopsis caapi). You can refer to the individual product pages for information on all of these. Growing from seed is a privilege because the seeds only remain viable for a very short time. We only offer them within the months that we know them to be viable. These seeds are viable, but germination is not guaranteed due to the stubborn nature of the seeds. Most of the seeds on the market are offered at high prices and are already dormant. Using GA-3 is said to help break dormancy, but we have not tested that method. We are proud to be one of the only suppliers of truly fresh and viable seeds in the U.S

Each 20-seed pack includes:

5 x white yage (unknown) seeds

5 x sky blue (banisteriopsis s.pp sky blue) seeds

5 x black yage (alicia anisopetala) seeds

5 x Peruvian yellow or Tunkunaca strain yage (banisteriopsis caapi) seeds (our choice)

1 pack – 20.00 $

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