Argyreia Nervosa var. Nervosa (Hawaiian Baby Woodrose) seeds
septiembre 17, 2019
Banisteriopsis Caapi “Tunkunaca Strain” (Yage) seeds (Brazil)
septiembre 17, 2019
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Argyreia Nervosa var. Speciosa “Ghana Strain” (Hawaiian Baby Woodrose) seeds


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More commonly known as Hawaiian Baby Woodrose or elephant creeper, this perennial flowering vine is in the same family as morning glory (Convolvulaceae) and has similar characteristics. The name Hawaiian Baby Woodrose is said to be derived from the appearance of the seed pods which look like little wooden roses. Its leaves are heart-shaped and its trumpet-shaped flowers are white with deep purple throats. This species is not to be confused with Hawaiian Woodrose, which is another plant entirely. Argyreia nervosa is said to originate in Asia (Bangladesh) despite the plant’s more popular association with Hawaii. Argyreia nervosa plants are slow-growing at first but will grow rapidly after reaching about twelve inches and can easily reach thirty feet with maturity. Since argyreia nerovsa is a vine, it will need structure to climb and is especially useful in providing floral decor for fences, mailbox and trellis. These plants can be grown outdoors all year round where temperatures do not freeze or be put in pots and be brought indoors for the winter elsewhere. Cuttings can also be taken by layering. The roots, leaves and seeds were used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine for a variety of purposes including, purification, nervous system support, joint health and sexual arousal. Despite traditional use in India, the seeds should not be used in the United States because they contain compounds that are illegal to ingest. Given its Asian origin, this plant does not appear to have been a part of South American shamanic traditions as some sources indicate. However, it is now cultivated tropical America. ORGANIC SEEDS

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