Examples of natural infusions and their properties

Infusions are one of the most common natural remedies that, through a simple process, allow us to take advantage of the active ingredients of medicinal plants. In fact, I am sure that, if we look carefully, everyone at home has some raw material to prepare a simple infusion to relieve digestive discomfort: a few sachets of chamomile, a few sprigs of thyme or the peel of a lemon. It is also very likely that we have other herbs and spices in our kitchen, equally perfect for infusions, but it is not clear to us what properties they provide.

Today I want to talk to you about natural infusions and propose some mixtures of medicinal plants that provide benefits to take care of our health and well-being.

What are natural infusions?

That chamomile bag (which I know you have in a cupboard in your kitchen) is one of the most popular natural infusions, it has a mild flavor and a sweet aroma and is indicated above all to alleviate digestive disorders. However, chamomile is not the only natural remedy for digestive disorders. Green anise, licorice, mint, cumin, fennel, flaxseed are just a few examples of plants indicated to relieve specific digestive system discomforts.

Using the right plants to care for yourself increases the effectiveness of natural remedies and reduces side effects. If you grow them in your garden, even better! Well, they will be local and fresh. But it is not necessary to cultivate or know all the plants, unless you want to, because in your trusted herbalist you can receive advice and acquire safe products.

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