How to preserve fresh aromatic herbs to take advantage of them all year round?

Aromatic herbs are those types of ingredients that are not essential in a recipe, but they make a difference when you use them. Its presence (or absence) will be easily noticed in meals, especially if we are talking about fresh aromatics. But, like all good things in life, fresh herbs don’t last forever. The good news is that with some simple tricks we can preserve them to take advantage of their aroma for a longer time.

There are several ways to preserve the most common aromatic plants for cooking. The most used methodsDo you want to know how to keep fresh herbs in the freezer? Follow these simple steps and you will have your supply of aromatics.

About the first option to preserve dried aromatic herbs you will find all the details you need in my downloadable ebook Manual for drying aromatic and medicinal plants.

The second possibility is to store the fresh herbs under oil or vinegar for flavored dressings. However, this process must be carried out with great care to avoid food contamination and poisoning. For this reason, I prefer the third option.

Next, I will explain how to preserve fresh frozen aromatic herbs step by step.

How do you keep fresh herbs frozen?

The process is very simple and can be applied to all kinds of herbs, from parsley and mint to thyme.

Do you already have a bunch of aromatic herbs ready?

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